How To: Set up Automatic Removal (Cleanup) of Patch Installer Files After Deployment

Version 4



    This document shows how to enable the "Remove Temp files" feature to set up automatic removal (cleanup) of patch installer files after deployment with Shavlik Protect.




    If you want to have the patch or update installer files removed from systems after installation has completed, you can do so using this feature built into Protect.


    This will perform a removal of all files on the target machine's C:\Windows\ProPatches\Patches at the end of patch deployment.


    To set this up:

    1) You will need to go to New > Deployment Template to create a custom template.  You can also modify an existing Deployment Template by right-clicking on the template and choosing Edit.


    2) On the General tab, under Deployment Actions > After, place a check next to 'Remove Temp files'.


    3) This is the only required change to the template. You can modify other settings as needed. Save when done.

    4) When you are in the "Run Operation" or "Deployment Configuration" screens, choose to use this deployment template whenever you want patch files to be removed from systems right after the installation of patches completes.


    Additional Information


    Protect Help - Creating a Deployment Template

    Training Video: Scan & Deploy Patches


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x