Console License Activation Error,  "No activations available"

Version 3



    When attempting to activate a new Shavlik Protect console, or reactivate an existing one, an error message appears in the bottom left hand corner of the Shavlik Protect Activation window, " No activations available".




    Such an error indicates that the console will be unable to activate successfully.




    This issue results from the number of console activations associated with the license key having been exceeded.


    By default, the license includes a certain number of activations and this error indicates that this allotment has been exceeded. Unless this count is increased the console will not be able to be activated.




    To resolve the issue, administrators will need to contact support to discuss increasing the number of console activations. Please have your activation key copied and ready to email/provide to the support representative.


    Contact information for support:


    Additional Information


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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x