Help > About Shows Red X On Data Versions Although Scheduled Download Is Set And Running

Version 2



    For this issue, all items listed under symptoms are used to determine the problem. If you see the red X for any Data versions, but don't see all listed behavior mentioned here, you might be experiencing a general download issue or some other problem.


    1) The main actual symptom of the "problem".


    Within the Help > About Shavlik Protect information you see a red X for definition versions, but you see a newer version listed under the Definitions file list.


    2) You have the core engines/definitions configured for a scheduled automatic download via Tools > Operations > Downloads.


    3) You can see within View > Event History that the Core definitions download task has been running successfully.





    This is expected behavior. The Protect console has not been closed/re-opened since the scheduled automatic download of definitions took place. The console cannot update Help > About in the UI until Protect is restarted because the scheduled automatic download of core definitions is  taking place outside of the Protect UI as a background task.




    Close and re-open Shavlik Protect to ensure definition information downloaded via a background task is loaded.  If this does not resolve the issue for you, try running Help > Refresh Files. Otherwise, you may be facing a different problem.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x