Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Patching Behavior

Version 1



    The purpose of this document is to provide additional detail on how SharePoint Servers will be patched using Shavlik Protect.




    When performing a patch scan on a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 the results show the following products needing patches:


    Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 x64

    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 Core x64

    Microsoft Access Services Server 2013 x64

    Microsoft SharePoint Portal 2013 x64

    Microsoft Word Server 2013 x64

    Microsoft Education 2013 x64

    Microsoft InfoPath Forms Services 2013 x64

    Microsoft Slide Library 2013 x64

    PerformancePoint Services For SharePoint 2013 x64

    Microsoft SharePoint Multilingual Solutions 2013 x64

    Microsoft Server Proof 2013 x64

    Microsoft Visio Services 2013 x64

    Microsoft Excel Services Components 2013 x64

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint Services 2013 x64




    Protect will list all of these components as under separate product names. The reason for this is to ensure that only SharePoint 2013 Servers with the corresponding component installed are offered the patch. As offering all of these components when they are in fact not installed would result in multiple failures.






    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x