Guide On Publishing Revisions In Shavlik Patch

Version 2



    This document is intended to provide information about how revisions work in Shavlik Patch and how to publish revisions.




    Often you may see a pop up when opening Shavlik Patch in Configuration Manager, prompting you to 'Publish Revisions', such as below:



    What it Means


    When Shavlik offers revisions for updates, this means that our content team has updated the metadata for the update(s). This means there may be changes to the detection logic, download URL, or hash values for the update(s). It is considered best practice to accept and publish the revisions.


    Publishing Revisions


    As you can see in the image above, all that needs to be done to accept the revisions and publish is to click the 'Yes' option. You can also check the box to 'Remember my choice and do not prompt me again.' This will allow Shavlik Patch to automatically publish any revisions for updates you have previously published.


    Additionally, you can change the settings via the Shavlik Patch Settings > Account tab, under the area "Occasionally, metadata for updates is revised to add or correct information. When metadata revisions are available for updates that have already been published:", offering the following options:

    • (Default) Prompt me when metadata revisions are available.
    • Update WSUS metadata without prompting me.
    • Do not prompt me and do not update WSUS.



    One last area you might also see this is when you go to publish updates, there is an option for 'Accept all metadata updates in the catalog'. This will allow Shavlik Patch to publish the latest revision of any patches at this time.



    Additional Information


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center User's Guide (PDF)


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (Plugin)