MS14-081 (KB2899518) Is Not Supported In Shavlik Protect

Version 2



    KB2899518 does not show as missing or installed for any systems within your Shavlik Protect scan results, and it is not available when searching View > Patches.




    Shavlik will not be adding support for this patch within Protect because this patch only applies in very specific configurations.


    Refer to the bulletin page: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-081 - Critical

    Under 'Update FAQ' it states:

    'I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed. Why am I not being offered the 2899518 update? The 2899518 update only applies to systems running specific configurations of Microsoft Office 2010. Other systems will not be offered the update.'




    Refer to the Microsoft article above for information on when you would need this update.


    If necessary, you can try using a Custom Patch or Custom Action to push the update via Protect.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect, All Versions