Regarding The December 2014 update for Windows Root Certificate KB3004394

Version 2



    Since patch KB3004394 was released, administrators have noted a number of issues resulting from applying the patch. Some administrators may be concerned to know why patch KB3004394 is not in our definitions- or may be concerned that they inadvertently deployed this patch.




    We at Shavlik are working to make patch management as convenient and manageable as possible. Accordingly, because of the many reported issues with this patch, we have opted to exclude it from our definitions until Microsoft addresses the issues in the patch/releases a replacement. Because of this, administrators need not worry that the patch was unintentionally deployed using Shavlik.

    Please check back as we will update this document when we are able to support this patch or its replacement and a recommended course of action.



    Shavlik Protect 9.x