Shavlik Protect Detects Patch KB2532531 As Missing But Will Not Deploy

Version 3


    Shavlik Protect detects patch KB2532531 as missing but will not deploy

    The HF.admin log shows;

    2014 11 06T22:35:38.1703117Z 125c V PatchTest.cpp:707 Bulletin 'MS11 053', filecount = 1, regcount = 0.

    2014 11 06T22:35:38.1703117Z 125c V FileInfo.cpp:276 CFileInfo::SetName failed for [\\X.X.X.2\C$\windows\WINSXS\AMD64_BTH.INF_31BF3856AD364E35_6.1.7601.21716_NONE_D0F668EFEB4C9175\FSQUIRT.EXE] with error [3]

    2014 11 06T22:35:38.1703117Z 125c V PatchTest.cpp:1272 File '\\X.X.X.2\C$\windows\WINSXS\AMD64_BTH.INF_31BF3856AD364E35_6.1.7601.21716_NONE_D0F668EFEB4C9175\FSQUIRT.EXE' error: 1.





    In order for this patch to not be offered, KB2552343 needs to be installed.  This is explained in the Microsoft Knowledge base article at




    Install the KB2552343 patch or exclude a patch group containing Q2532531 in a patch scan template.

    Affected Product(s)

    Protect 9.X