SQL Account Configuration - Privilege or Role Requirements for Protect Database

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    This document covers the minimum account privilege requirements for using Protect's SQL database.




    Below are the privileges (roles) required within SQL for a user in possible scenarios:


    Database Creation:
    New installations of the Protect database require an account that has at least the DB_Creator role.


    If the account has nothing else but DB_Creator it will give the account the proper rights when it creates the database.  So for situations where you have a DBA involved you can have them add a windows user to SQL with DB_Creator, Protect can create the database, then after completion the DBA can remove DB_Creator from that user.


    Protect User:
    Any protect user must have the following roles assigned for the Protect database to use the product:





    This must be configured for each user who will authenticate with the Protect database.   


    Upgrade Rights:
    When we upgrade the product there are typically schema changes to the DB.  These changes require additional rights that are not required for day to day usage of the product.  Ensure that you are using an account with this level of rights, otherwise the DB upgrade will fail.


    To successfully perform an upgrade of the Protect database the following roles will be required:




    Example of how you would see this in SQL Server Management Studio:



    Additional Information


    More information from the Shavlik Protect product documentation:

    SQL Server Pre-Installation Notes

    SQL Server Post-Installation Notes


    The ability to check these privileges will require a DBA or the use of SQL Server Management Studio.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect, All Versions