Machine View Shows a Machine's IP Address as "::1" or "" - the Localhost Address

Version 3



    When viewing the machine view in Protect (View > Machines), you see an IP address listed for a machine as "::1" or "".






    The localhost address is being provided as the IP address of the system. This would generally indicate that either the console machine has scanned itself while the network adapter is disabled, or a system with an agent installed has scanned itself while the network adapter was disabled, then reported that result back to the console.


    On most systems localhost resolves to:

  for IPv4

    ::1 for  IPV6


    Note: The machine view displays information based on the latest scan result available whether that be from an agentless scan or agent scan result.




    This does not necessarily indicate an issue that needs to be resolved.

    Verify the network adapter is enabled.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect, All Versions