Manually Downloading and Installing the Prerequisite Software for Shavlik Protect

Version 1



    This document shows how to obtain the download links for any prerequisite software so you can download and install it manually in case you don't want Protect to automatically install or in case your system does not have access to the internet.




    During the installation process of Protect you will reach the 'Shavlik Protect Setup' screen. If you need to manually download any of the listed prerequisite software, just click on "View release notes", and a text file titled 'InstallReadMe.txt' will pop up.



    Within the InstallReadMe.txt scroll down to the section titled "MANUAL INSTALLATION OF PREREQUISITES". The download URLs are listed in this section.


    Additional Information


    It's worth noting that the prerequisite software often changes with newer versions of Protect. The InstallReadMe from an older version may no longer have the valid prerequisite software listed for the latest version of Protect.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect, All Versions