Remove Temp Files Option May Cause Java 7 Update 71 and Later Fail to Install

Version 3


    This document covers a deployment requirement with Java 7 Update 71+ when the Remove Temp Files option is enabled in the Deployment Template used during deployment.


    We have recently changed the deployment behavior for Java 7 Update 71+.  The changes were made to better support recent Java installer changes that were causing Java updates to fail to install.  Java 7 Update 71+ installs will now be scheduled to run at system reboot.  For this reason, the patch must remain on the server so it can be used to install the patch at restart. Enabling the Remove Temp Files option in a custom Deployment Template will remove the patch before reboot thus breaking the deployment process.

    Deployment Template General Tab


    Use a Deployment Template where Remove Temp Files is disable. 

    The target machine must restart after deploying Java 7 Update 71+.


    Shavlik Patch 9.x