How to Set Proxy Authentication for the Shavlik Patch Plugin

Version 2



    This document is intended to show how to set proxy information for the Shavlik Patch plugin.


    If your internet connection goes through a proxy, this may be required for Shavlik Patch to be able to successfully publish updates.




    1) In SCCM, navigate to Software Library > Software Updates > Shavlik Patch.

    2) Right click on Shavlik Patch, then choose 'Settings'.


    3) Navigate to the 'Proxy' tab within the Shavlik Patch Settings.

    4) (Optional) You can click on 'Do I need proxy information?' to run a quick test to see if Shavlik Patch can successfully connect to the internet.

    5) Put a check in the box next to 'Use Proxy'.

    6) Enter the username and password required for proxy authentication. If your proxy does not require authentication you most likely do not need to enter these settings.

    7) Click 'Verify Proxy'.


    8) You will be prompted with a Settings window stating if Shavlik Patch is able to connect to the internet or not.

    9) Click Yes.


    10) Click 'OK' in the main Shavlik Patch Settings window.


    Additional Information


    If you are having problems connecting with Shavlik Patch you may also need to consider making exceptions in your proxy or firewall. Refer to this document:

    URL Exception List For Shavlik Patch For Microsoft System Center (01-09-2018)


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (Plugin) 2.1.801.0 and newer