How To: Add Domains to a Machine Group

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    This document is intended to show options for adding domains to a machine group.




    Within Protect there is a built-in 'My Domain' group, but this just defaults to the domain you're on (where the Protect console is).


    However, you can create a new machine group and list multiple domains for it to discover.


    How to add domains to a machine group by Domain Name:


    1) In Protect, go to New > Machine Group. Name the Group.

    2) Go to the 'Domain Name' tab within the machine group.

    3) Add the Domain Name, then click 'Add'. You can also use the options; Browse Network, Import from file, or Link to file. (Click F1 to see Help documentation concerning these options.)


    4) Right click on any domain added to the list, and go to Set credentials > Set admin credentials. It is recommended you do this for each domain added to the group.


    5) You should see Admin Credentials listed for each domain in the group.


    6) It is possible to add multiple domains in a single group. Below is an example of what this might look like. Make sure to save your group.


    As long as the domains are trusted or can be reached correctly and you provide proper credentials the scan and deployments should be able to run from a group like this.


    Adding Domain machines via Active Directory OUs


    Another option, or if you want to get more granular, is to go to the 'Organization Unit' tab and browse active directory to add systems.


    1) Go to the Organization Unit tab within the machine group. Either enter the OU name, then click Add, or click 'Browse Active Directory' (recommended).


    2) After clicking Browse Active Directory, you will see a list of available OUs.

    To add all computers of an individual domain, expand the domain, then add a check box next to 'Computers'.

    You can do this for multiple domains to add each set of computers.

    If you only want to add specific machines, expand the 'Computers' list, then check each individual machine.


    3) Ensure that you add valid Admin Credentials. Then save the group.



    Additional Information


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    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x