How to Export a List of Machines to CSV from a Machine Group

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    The purpose of this document is to show a method that you can use to get a listing of machines within a machine group (or just within machine view) into a CSV file.




    It's currently not possible to export a machine group directly to a text file, but you can use the steps below to get the machines exported to CSV:


    1) Go into your machine group, then click on 'View in Machine View'.


    2) Once it transfers you to machine view, you can expand the grouping to see all the machines listed.

    3) Select all the machines (Select +A), then right click anywhere in the highlighted area, and choose 'Export selected machines to CSV'
        Note: You can also just go into View > Machines and export selected machines to CSV, you do not have to start from a machine group.



    4) The resulting CSV export should be usable as a text file or you can manipulate the information when opening as a spreadsheet.


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    Shavlik Protect 9.x



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