Where to View Protect Agent Scan\Deployments Results

Version 5



    The purpose of this document shows you how to view agent results using View - Machines in Protect 9.0 and above.


    Machine View


    You will always want to refresh the view when looking at Machine View to see the most current information.


    In Machine view you will be able to determine what is happening with your Agent. The Machine View is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. It enables you to display current information about every machine in your network that has been previously scanned and whose information resides in the database. It organizes all of the scanned machines so they are displayed in one comprehensive view, regardless of when the machines were scanned. Machine View provides an easier method to both view and manage the current security state— across both agent-based and agentless systems. Machine View differs from Scan View, which requires you to first locate the scan in which the machine was assessed before drilling down to view the machine’s scan summary.


    You will see the current patch status of the client machine which includes missing or installed patches, Patch Definitions used in latest scan, latest Patch Scan Date, Agent Policy, Agent Version, Latest Check In along with other information at the top of your screen.