Failed To Schedule The Task Using The Microsoft Scheduler Error When Trying To Publish In Shavlik Patch

Version 5


    You receive a pop-up error when attempting to publish patches in Shavlik Patch.

    "Failed to schedule the task using the Microsoft Scheduler. Please verify the user name and password."



    The most likely cause of the issue is a policy is set to disallow programs to store credentials on the server.


    The specific policy and path:

    \Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\


    Policy Name:

    Server 2008 and below - Network access: Do not allow storage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication.

    Server 2008 R2 and above - Network access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication


    Set this policy to Disabled.

    Alternately if you cannot change this policy setting, please contact Shavlik Support. Our engineering team may be able to offer a new build to assist in correcting this issue.

    Affected Products

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center