Install - Uninstall Failures - How To Clean Up Broken Installs Of Shavlik Protect With The Microsoft Fixit Tool

Version 16


    • The Protect upgrade failed.
    • The Protect install failed.
    • You may see a popup during installation that states "protectinstaller.msi was not found".
    • You may see a pop-up error:

    Protect Setup:

    Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation

    Error 1605: This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.

    Error 1612: The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.



    Shavlik Protect may become corrupt or unstable due to multiple variables.  Corruption to the Windows Installer, Installer folder or other corruption to the automated uninstall process is a typical root cause. When this occurs a manual uninstall of the Shavlik Protect is necessary.  This article provides information on manually removing Shavlik Protect from a server. This should only be used as a last resort to clean up a broken installation of the Shavlik Protect.



    Microsoft provides assistance with the manual uninstall process by providing a Fix it tool.  The link to the tool is:


    How to use the Fix it tool

    1. Use the link above to navigate to the Fix it main page.
    2. Click on ‘Run Now’ and choose ‘Save File’.
    3. Run the EXE that is downloaded and choose ‘Accept’ on the first page.
    4. Choose the second option ‘Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply’.
    5. Choose the ‘Uninstalling’ option
    6. You will see a list of the installed products on the server.  Choose the product if you see it on the list for instance. ‘Shavlik Protect’.  If you do not see the product on the list then select ‘Not listed’.

    If Shavlik Protect, vCenter Protect, or Netchk Protect is listed:

    1. Choose the corresponding name and click ‘Next’.
    2. Choose ‘Yes, try uninstall’
    3. Verify both options are check-marked and click ‘Next’.
    4. You should see a screen that indicates whether Protect was uninstalled or not.
    5. Click ‘Next’ and the close out of the screen.

    If Shavlik Protect, vCenter Protect, or Protect is Not Listed:

    1. Choose ‘Not Listed’ and click ‘Next’.
    2. Enter the product code for the version of the Product installed and click ‘Next’. (Include the brackets)

              (Product codes for Protect are listed below)

    1. Verify both options are check-marked and click ‘Next’.
    2. You should see a screen where it indicates whether the product was uninstalled or not.
    3. Click ‘Next’ and the close out of the screen.


    Product GUID codes:

    Make sure to use the corresponding GUID for the version of Protect you are attempting to uninstall.


    • Protect 7.0.832.0: {C6D1AE7C-DE93-4E93-A916-C4144525C82C}
    • Protect 7.0.841.0: {C6D1AE7C-DE93-4E93-A916-C4144525C82C}
    • Protect 7.1.410.0: {90047C28-0B1B-4B30-8177-50729907EBF2}
    • Protect {9B7F1E45-4C47-4E25-9EAB-098923E4171C}
    • Protect 7.5.2716.0: {CEA2D643-08C0-422E-9B27-B58ED9D38D07}
    • Protect 7.6.1482.0: {661A3308-5BE2-4E0F-A752-BDDB247DD2DB}
    • Protect 7.8.1340.0: {0A4D8D5E-7177-4A45-8A7F-0A5757403F97}
    • Protect 7.8.1388.0: {0A4D8D5E-7177-4A45-8A7F-0A5757403F97}
    • Protect 7.8.1392.0: {0A4D8D5E-7177-4A45-8A7F-0A5757403F97}
    • Protect 8.0.3756.0: {F77AFB04-D13F-48DA-BB99-A5B31B6AAE0B}
    • Protect 8.0.3965.1: {5A696B05-9F06-4B3D-83A0-69E848EFAC4A}
    • Protect 8.0.4027.2: {5A696B05-9F06-4B3D-83A0-69E848EFAC4A}
    • Protect 9.0.1106.0: {8045AD29-C6A4-43F5-9F1F-9560EB09F99A}
    • Protect 9.0.1182.0: {070964CB-00B0-4E36-A3F6-A09F76FBD197}
    • Protect 9.0.1182.0  {B7F5FF6F-382B-8834-3B85-B6390F7F4DA1}
    • Protect 9.1.4334.0: {83593D3F-ADD7-491B-82EC-1A2E6D08C385}
    • Protect 9.1.4472.0: {83593D3F-ADD7-491B-82EC-1A2E6D08C385}
    • Protect 9.2.4988: {063C2D00-E6D5-6624-4903-4EEB4561AE61}
    • Protect 9.2.5046: {063C2D00-E6D5-6624-4903-4EEB4561AE61}
    • Protect 9.2.5119: {063C2D00-E6D5-6624-4903-4EEB4561AE61}
    • ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate 8.0.3756: {A8210996-CD25-4C8C-A2D7-207635DEDC28}
    • ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate 8.0.4027: {86DE6110-3F1C-40EE-98D9-05CD7A4B212F}
    • ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate 9.0.1182: {0EAD1B8A-6F58-2304-A817-34C1724CE04C}
    • Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 Console: {5240C49D-72A5-4EE6-8687-C1F8DBD849CC}
    • Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 Agent: {863EACA4-E689-4284-BEE2-8C5DE09E32BA}
    • Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 Agent Patch Engine: {E9C4A462-8F43-4959-A6C6-B63E6D0050BA}
    • Patch for Windows Servers 9.3 Agent Asset Engine: {0D593038-F0EF-4F93-8134-2DA47CA016EB}

    Delete the relevant certificates. (You will need to reinstall all agents after performing this step)


    1. Click Start > Run, type MMC, and click OK. The MMC Snap In window opens.
    2. Click File > Add/Remove Snap-In.
    3. Under Available Snap Ins, select Certificates.
    4. Click Add.
    5. Select the Computer Account option and click Next.
    6. Ensure that the Local Computer option is selected and then click Finish.
    7. Click OK.  You should now see Certificates listed under Console Root.
    8. Expand Certificates.
    9. Delete these certificates that are listed as being issued by ST Root Authority:
      • Personal\Certificates
      • Trusted Root Certification Authorities\Certificates
      • Intermediate Certification Authorities\Certificates

         10. Close the MMC window.  At this point, install the latest version of Protect.


    If you continue to encounter any install errors, contact Shavlik support: Contact Support


    If the Fixit tool fails to correct the error, you may need to manually delete an upgrade key located under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\UpgradeCodes in the registry. Then try reinstalling Protect with the latest installer.


    Known Upgrade Codes:  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\UpgradeCodes\B7F5FF6F382B88343B85B6390F7F4DA1]


      Latest versions of Protect can be downloaded from: Shavlik Protect Downloads

      It is highly recommended to perform a backup of the registry before performing any modifications: How To Back-up The Registry


    Impact / Risks


    The Fixit utility is provided by Microsoft. Make sure you read any known issues or guidelines for this tool on Microsoft's site prior to use.


    Additional Information


    If you have an engineering build of Shavlik Protect, please refer to the major and minor version to find the product code. For example, Shavlik Protect 9.2 Build 5122, an engineering build, has the same product code as all other Protect 9.2 versions, such as 9.2 Build 5119.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x