How To: Perform a Patch Uninstall on Multiple Systems with Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers

Version 7



    The purpose of this document is to show how to perform a patch uninstall on multiple systems in Ivanti Patch for Windows




    Below is an example of how to set up the uninstall of one patch for multiple machines when using Shavlik Protect. This example is using agentless scan and deployment features.


    1) Scan any systems you wish to remove a patch from.


    Generally it's best to ensure you run a new scan so you have the most current assessment result available.

    2) View the scan result.


    You can also get to a scan result if you already have one by clicking the left drop down menu, and choose 'Results'.


    3) In the scan result:

        1. Choose the machines you want to uninstall a patch from in the upper (Machines) pane. You can use CTRL + click or CTRL+Shift to select highlight multiple machines.

        2. In the lower pane, select any patch you wish to uninstall. Patches with an orange U and 'Yes' in the 'Uninstallable' column can be uninstalled. You can see how many machines currently have the patch installed viewing the 'Affected Machine Count' column.

        3. Right click on the highlighted patch, and choose 'Uninstall Select'.

        Note: Only one patch can be uninstalled from each system on a single deployment, and a reboot is required to complete the uninstall process.

    4) You'll be prompted with the 'Deployment Configuration' window.


    You can use an existing deployment template, or create a new one. For patch uninstall it's recommended to use a deployment template that has a post-deployment reboot enabled since the uninstall process will require a reboot to complete. You can also change the time of the deployment to take place immediately (default), scheduled at a certain date/time, or perform the uninstall at the target system's next reboot.


    Under 'Patches to be deployed by machine' you can see a list of which machines will have the uninstall performed and whatever patch will be uninstalled from each system.



    Additional Information


    More information about uninstalling patches can be found here:


    Help Guide - Uninstall Patches


    Microsoft Documentation - Removing Patches



    Affected Product


    Ivanti Patch for Windows Server 9.3