Re-release of MS14-045: Method to Uninstall 2982791 Before Installing 2993651

Version 5


    The purpose of this article is provide customers a method to uninstall MS14-045 (2982791) before installing 2993651.  Guidance on whether you need to uninstall 2982791 before installing 2993651 can be found in the Update FAQ on the Microsoft website.



    The Custom Action feature will allow you to uninstall 2982791 on your target machines.  A restart is required to fully uninstall the patch therefore we suggest allowing a restart before installing 2993651.

    Follow this guide:Custom Action - How to perform a custom action complete tutorial and use the following uninstall batch files.  You will need to create 4 separate Custom Action Deployment Templates if you have to uninstall the patch from all supported OSs.

    Windows 2003:

    Use attached to this document.

    Vista and Windows 2008:

    Use or attached to this document.

    Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 2008R2 - Server 2012 - Server 2012R2:

    Use the attached to this document.

    Additional Information:

    Included is a screenshot with a typical Deployment Template configuration: