Resolution mismatch, found 'machine name x' for 'machine name y' when attempting to install the agent

Version 3



    The purpose of this document is to provide additional information on the 'Resolution mismatch, found 'machine name x' for 'machine name y' error when attempting to install an agent from the Console.




    The following error will be displayed within the Operation Monitor when attempting to install the agent from the Console:



    You may see the above error in conjunction with the following string in the ST.Protect.Managed.log file:


    2014-06-12T15:26:39.0921766Z 0017 V ResolvableMachine.cs:215|Resolved by FQDN '' -,

    2014-06-12T15:26:39.7785993Z 0004 E ResolvableMachine.cs:644|Name mismatch: expected FSBXM2, found hostname FSBXM1, netbios name FSBXM1

    2014-06-12T15:26:39.7785993Z 0004 W ResolvableMachineWorkflow.cs:209|FSBXM2 270




    This message is typically caused by a DNS resolution issue. Protect is using .net (System.Net.Dns class) to query the DNS. Upon doing this the DNS is returning two IP addresses for the machine in question. Protect will take the first one and verify it is the correct machine. When we verify using the IP address, the return result is for that of the other machine listed. This is causing the error that is being seen with the machine resolution when attempting to install agents.


    If DNS resolution is working properly sometimes machine properties of the target machine have retained an address that has been assigned to another target machine




    If the information in the log points to a DNS resolution issue related to FQDN. We suggest working with your network team to resolve this issue as it appears to be directly related to the FQDN's returning multiple IP addresses.

    If your DNS environment is resolving host names properly, and the old IP Address of the machine is showing in the Machine Properties under View>Machines, we suggest you Re-Discover the target machine by performing an agentless scan on the target machine to reset the Machine Properties.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x