Custom Action vs. Custom XML

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    There are 2 ways to push 3rd party patch/programs with Protect that are not part of the Shavlik content.

    • Method 1 - Custom Action
    • Method 2 - Custom xml.

    This document outlines the Pro's and Con's of using a Custom Action vs. Custom XML for deploying 3rd party patches/programs.

    Custom Action


    Custom Action is quick to setup, but does no authenticating on the target to verify it is a needed file. It assumes any machine it deploys against needs the file.


    Custom Action - How to perform a custom action



    • Fast to setup. No detection criteria required.


    • No differentiating between machines that need the patch and those that don't.


    Custom XML


    Custom XMLtakes a little longer to setup, but allows the user to define detection criteria so you scan a target for the patch and only are offered it in the event it is a file that is needed.


    How to Create a Custom Patch



    • Detection for patch to only offer patch when patch is needed.


    • Requires up front design to setup detection criteria.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect All