Issues Caused by Missing Browse Credentials

Version 4



    • When scanning a Hosted Virtual Machine in a Machine Group, the scan fails with error: Invalid credential for 'IP ADDRESS' (HYPERVISOR NAME) in Machine Group 'MACHINE GROUP NAME'
      • Example:  Invalid credential for '' (VMware vCenter Server) in Machine Group 'Test'
      • ST.Protect.managed log shows the following entry: Virtual Server '' with null credentials is unsupported.


    • A scheduled deployment fails.
      • ST.TaskHost.Managed log shows the following: Virtual server not found for HostedVirtualSystem with managedMachineId (1) and scanId (18). Ensure the server has been added for this user (multi-user scenario).
    • A scheduled scan fails. The Results/Scan Summary shows: Warning: No machines were found in this scan
      • SCHF log shows the following entry: No machines to scan - resolved xml has no entries for machines


    1-scan summary fail.png




    When Admin1 adds a Hosted Virtual Machine to a Machine Group, that machine group is visible to all other Protect users. However, because credentials are user specific, the Browse Credentials necessary to access the hypervisor and subsequently the Hosted Virtual Machine, are missing for other users.


    The first Symptom listed is caused by running a scan logged in as a user who does not have the Browse Credential Assigned to the hosted VM.

    Scheduled symptoms are caused by setting the Default Credential as a user who does not have a Browse Credential Assigned.



    Hosted VM Missing Browse Credentials


    2-bad hosted vm.png



    Hosted VM With Browse Credentials


    3-good hosted vm.png






    Add the vCenter Server or ESXi Hypervisor into Virtual Inventory.

    • Click New> Add vCenter Server/ESXi Hypervisor...

    4-new esxi.png

    • Enter the Server details and select credentials to access the Hypervisor and click Add.



    • Reopen the existing Machine Group and verify that the machine now has Browse Credentials.

    3-good hosted vm.png


      In the event the Hosted VM still does not show Browse Credentials, go through adding the Hosted VM into the existing Machine Group again. This will assign it the Browse Credentials.



    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect All