How to verify Protect is using the latest content definition versions

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    This document outlines how to verify that the Protect Console is using the latest Content/XML/Definitions.




    Out of date content can typically cause:


    • Incorrect patch scanning
    • Incorrect patch deployment commands
    • No new patches available




    Protect utilizes what is known as Content/XML/Definitions to determine what patches are applicable for target machines, as well as how to install patches. As new patches are released by vendors, or modifications are needed for specific patch files, the Content/XML/Definitions are updated by Shavlik and released to users. These releases occur Tuesdays and Thursdays (and typically the Monday before Patch Tuesday). Using out dated content can result in patches incorrectly being offered, failing to install, or if its a new patch, it might not be offered because the information contained within the Content/XML/Definitions is not current.




    There are several ways to verify Protects content versions:


    1)  Open the Protect console and navigate to Help > About Shavlik Protect.  The window that opens will show the data versions on the right hand side with corresponding icons.


    • A green check-marks would indicate you are using the latest data.
    • A red X would indicate the data is out of date.



    In offline environments where the Protect console does not have internet connectivity, the icon displayed can be incorrect as it is unable to correctly determine the latest information from Shavlik content servers.


    In this Example, all data is up to date:


    2)  You can manual verify the latest data versions on this website which can be used to compare with the versions listed in Help > About.


    This only applies for Patch Assessment and Patch Deployment, both of which should have matching values.


    Updating Protect with the latest data:


    • Normally, Protect will automatically update it's data before each scan. There are times where a customer may need to update the data before performing a scan.  This can be completed from the Protect GUI through a Help > Refresh Files.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect All