Export Visible Patches to CSV Does Not Create Expected Result

Version 7




    • Go under View / Patches
    • Under search type in something pretty specific like MS14-02 - this narrows down the list of patches to a small set
    • Now from the Patches drop-down, choose Export visible patches to CSV.

    Expected result:

    • I would expect a CSV file containing only the patches that meet my MS14-02 search criteria
    • Help documentation states that patches visible in the top pane will be exported

    Actual result:

    • All patches are exported
    • The resulting CSV file is very large in size.
    • Compare this with Selecting all of the patches in the top pane, then right-click Export selected patches to CSV.  The resulting CSV file is much smaller.



    Shavlik support has a defect entered for this issue, and it should be fixed in a future release of Protect (unknown ETA).


    Workaround: For the time being the best workaround is to select all in the grid and right click, then choose export visible patches to CSV.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect

    Shavlik Protect 9.0.x



    This document was generated from the following discussion: Bug with Export Visible Patches to CSV in v9.x