Scans Show Few/No Missing Patches and No Installed Patches.

Version 7



    Any of the following symptoms may apply:


    • When scanning any machines there are 0 patches missing, 0 patches installed.
    • When scanning any machine the only results are Informational patch type.
    • When scanning any machine it shows a small number of patches missing, and none installed.


    results of wuscan.png




    This is often caused by Protect's licensing becoming corrupted causing it to not find active licensing for specific patch types. This can also be caused due to the OS of the target machine not having the latest Service Pack installed.



    1. Verify that the OS is on the latest Service Pack. If an OS is not on the latest SP, then patches cannot be scanned as missing as the OS has been fully patched for that Service Pack. If a Service Pack is needed, please install the SP and then rescan the machine. If the problem still exists, proceed to the next step.
    2. Verify the issue is being caused by a licensing issue.
    3. Enable verbose logging, and clear existing console logs.
    4. Run a patch scan against a single test machine, using the WUScan template.
      • It is important to use the default WUScan template as it will rule out any custom filtering as the cause of the issue.
    5. Verify the results return with same symptoms.
    6. Open the newly created HF log:
      • "C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs\hf.username@username-pc.log"

      It is important to have deleted any previously existing logs before running this test. This will cause Protect to create a new single HF log file for review.

    1. Search in the HF.log file for the phrase  Not licensed to scan Patch type




    1. If an entry is found indicating Not licensed to scan Patch type [###], Protect needs to have its license re-activated.


      The value of the Patch Type may vary.
      This will not affect your subscription. This will only validate that the program is still licensed for operation.

    3-search results.png

    1. After successfully re-activating the Protect Console, scans should yield correct results.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect All