How To Exclude Machines During A Scan

Version 4



    When scanning a non-discriminate group of machines, such as by IP range, or OU, Protect will try all machines that exist as part of the group. In some situations it may be desirable to exclude certain machines.
    Example: Scanning an IP range that contains many machines that should be patched, and one machine that cannot be patched on the same schedule as the others.


    This document outlines how to exclude one or more machines from during a scan.



    Open the machine group that you will be using to scan against.
    The machine group will show your machines that are going to be scanned.

    Example: In this machine group, Protect will scan an IP range of




    Add the machine(s) that should be skipped. This can be done by IP, NetBIOS, FQDN. These will by default be added and Included in the scan.

    Example: Added a machine called 'SkipThisMachine' and a machine with IP


    2-machines added.png


    After the machines to be excluded have been added into the machine group, right click each and choose 'Exclude'.
    Note: Holding CTRL while selecting allows you to highlight multiple entries at once, at which point you can right click any and it applies the changes to all that are highlighted.
    Note: Alternative to right clicking, you can click the 'When Scanning' box at in the machine group and choose 'Exclude'.


    3- exclude.png

    The machines should now show Exclude under the When Scanning column. This will prevent the machine from being scanned and showing up in the scan results.
    Note: In version 9.0 the operations monitor during a scan will list machines that have been excluded (only for informational purposes - no scan results occur for that machine). In verisn 9.1 it will not list excluded machines in the operation monitor during a scan.



    Additional Information


    •   However you add the Machines into the Machine Group is how you will need to list them to be excluded from the group (i.e. Machine Name, IP address, FQDN).
    • You can place the machines to exclude in a text file and add it in by linking to the file and setting the file to exclude. To do this, consult the following article: How To: Exclude Machines Through the 'Link to File' Feature


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x