VMware vCenter Protect 8.x End of Service

Version 3



    This document is meant to provide information about the end of service for all VMware vCenter Protect versions - 8.0, 8.0.1, and 8.02.



    VMware vCenter Protect 8.0, 8.01, and 8.02 is end of service on May 15, 2014.
    The May 15 content update is the final update for the VMware branded editions of Protect. All customers running on these versions should upgrade to Shavlik Protect 9 at the first possible convenience to prevent a service outage.


    Go to our download page to get the latest version of Protect 9.


    Please also refer to our guide on Preparing for upgrade of Protect.


    You can download Shavlik's Product Lifecycle Policy by downloading the PDF here.





    Where can I find the upgrade guide?


    The upgrade guide to assist in upgrading to the latest version of Protect (9.1) can be found here.


    Additionally, please refer to the support team’s guide on Preparing for upgrade of Protect.


    Will I need a new license key to upgrade from Protect 8.x to 9.x?


    No, your current license key for Protect will work with the latest version. Upgrading should keep licensing intact.


    What will happen if I choose to keep using VMware vCenter Protect 8.x?


    You will no longer receive patch content (definitions) required for Protect to provide proper patching of  your systems, and there is no further support provided for 8.x versions.


    Protect 9.x versions are all currently still receiving content updates, and are currently the only supported versions of Protect.


    I need to move my console to a different system. How can I do this while keeping all data intact?


    You can use our Protect console migration tool. You will still need to upgrade at least to version 9.0 before you can use the migration tool.


    Make sure to read the Migration Tool Guide.


    Affected Product(s)

    VMware vCenter Protect 8.0.3756.0

    VMware vCenter Protect 8.0.3787.0

    VMware vCenter Protect 8.0.3965.1

    VMware vCenter Protect 8.0.4027.2