Using the Shavlik Community via a Mobile or Tablet Browser

Version 8

    If you want to use your browser, first be sure you are using one of the supported mobile devices listed below.


    If you are not using a supported mobile device you may still be able to use the site but may find that the automatic redirect to a mobile-ready version doesn't work.  For more details please see the direct link below.

    Supported Mobile Devices and Browsers


    • Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad for iOS 7 and 8.
    • Mobile Chrome on Android devices for Android 4.4.


    Logging in

    Go to from your mobile browser.Login with your normal community username and password.

    Not redirecting to a mobile friendly site?

    If you are not using a supported device you may be able to force navigation to the mobile site by visiting:

    Search for Content

    • Tap the Search icon in the upper right corner, next to the Create icon. Tap in the search box, type in your search keyword(s), and then tap Search. The app returns three pages of results: Users, Content, and Places. Tap one of these to scroll through the search results.

    Create a Discussion

    • Tap the Create (pencil) icon in the upper right corner, next to the Search icon. When you're finished typing, tap Update or Post. (You may have to tap OK before Update, depending on your device.)

    Navigating on a Mobile

    • Tap your community's header logo to jump to the Home page.
    • Tap to View Items and Execute Actions
    • Tapping a content item opens it. For non-content items such as a phone numbers, email address, or URL, a tap will launch the action, i.e., start a phone call, email, or open a Web page.

    Scroll and Zoom Large Images and Content Items

    • All images automatically resize to fit properly into your mobile window. Tap any image to open it in a new window where you can use your browser or mobile's native resizing features, such as scrolling and zooming.
    • If you are viewing an item with content that does not fit within the mobile device window, for example, a table, tap the open in new window icon (to the left of the Search icon). From a new window, you can now scroll and zoom to see the item better. To go back to your community, close the window using your browser controls.

    Not available on Mobile

    You cannot create, search, or vote on Ideas via the mobile app or via a mobile browser.