TestConnections_ShavlikPatch.bat Intended to Help Test Connectivity to Required Addresses

Version 4



    The attached .bat file is designed to help test connectivity to the addresses listed in the document:

    URL Exception list for Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center.


    This batch file will run an nslookup and ping of each of the sites listed in the above document and output to a single file.


    This .bat can prove useful on any system where you are currently having issues downloading updates with the Shavlik Patch plugin or publishing via SCUP.


    This file is intended only to obtain information for support purposes. It is not an officially supported tool and has not gone through QA/Testing. The user assumes any risks of running the attached file(s).



    Download the attached TestConnections_ShavlikPatch.zip.

    2) Extract the TestConnections_ShavlikPatch.bat to the desktop of the system where you wish to obtain files for support.

    3) Right click the TestConnections_ShavlikPatch.bat, choose 'Run as Administrator'. For older operating systems such as XP or 2003 this will not be necessary - just run the file.

    If you do not run as administrator the batch file may not be able to obtain all information.

    4) Allow the .bat to run through everything. This will take some time. When the operation is complete you will see the text of command line turn green and the following text displayed:


    Press any key to continue...


    If you do not see this you need to either run as administrator or wait until the operations are complete.

    5) A file titled TestConnections.txt should be created on the Desktop.

    6) Please zip and send this file to support.

    Note: The file TestConnections.txt can be deleted after this.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

    (Formerly SCUPdates)