Is There a Way to Tell if an Update Was Published as Metadata Only via SCUP?

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    This document is meant to help find if an update was previously published as Metadata Only rather than the correct method of Full Content.



    Is there a way to tell if an update was published as Metadata Only via SCUP?


    Yes it is possible to see if an update was published as Metadata Only.


    Note: Shavlik only supports publishing updates as Full Content. If you have accidentally published an udpate as Metadata Only you can attempt to re-publish, however, additional steps may be required.


    • Go into the Configuration Manager Console.
    • View the Update Lists (SCCM 2007) or All Software Updates (SCCM 2012)
    • Highlight the update you want to check
    • In the information displayed for the update there is a ‘Metadata Only’ column to display if the update was published as Metadata Only.
      • Note: You may need to add the column into the view - this can usually be done via a rightclick menu.


    Screenshots for reference:


    SCCM 2012R2:



    SCCM 2007:



    Additional Information

    See this
    Technet Discussion for some additional detail about updates published as metadata only.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

    (Formerly SCUPdates)