Scheduled Task Fails With Error -1066598274

Version 4



    • Scheduled scans fail to initate at its scheduled time.
    • The Scheduled Tasks Manager Log tab shows an error in the Status column: -1066598274

    error in scheduler log.png




    Scheduled tasks are ran by the Local System Account, and utilize the Default Credentials defined within Protect to initiate a task. If the 'Default Credentials' are set as an account different than the account that created the credentials in question, the error will occur.

    Admin1 logs into Protect, and defines a series of credentials. Admin1 then sets the credentials for Admin2 as 'Default'. The accounts that are showing for Admin1, that were made by Admin1, are only useable when accessed with User1's credential information. Because scheduled tasks are started by the Local System Account, which uses the 'Default Credentials' to try and decrypt credentials from the database, only User1's credentials will be able to succeed at this. By defining any other user (in this case Admin2) as the 'Default', the credentials cannot be decrypted from the database, and the task cannot succeed.




    1. Log into Protect, and click Manage > Credentials.
    2. Make sure your currently active windows account has been entered into the Credential Manager (what ever account you logged into windows with, make sure it is added to the Credential Manager).
    3. Select your Currently Active Windows Account set of credentials, and select set as Default.


    Now when a scheduled task initiates, it will use the default credentials (your Currently Active Windows Account) to decrypt the credentials you created. This will allow the scan to successfully initiate.


    different user is default.pngcurrent user default.png


      To ensure that your scans can complete, define credentials to the machines within Machine Groups.


    machine group credentials.png


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x