How To: Remove Machines from Scheduled Tasks Manager Machine List

Version 9



    The Scheduled Tasks Manager contains a list of machines that have been discovered in Protect.  This document outlines how to remove machines from that list to cut down on the overhead cost of Scheduled Tasks Manager trying to resolve machines that no longer exist and to make finding actively managed machines a little easier.


    You can access the Scheduled Tasks Manager the following ways:


    • Select Manage > Scheduled Tasks
    • Select Start > All Programs > Shavlik Protect > Scheduled Tasks Manager




    1. Open Protect and navigate to View > Machines.
    2. Locate the machine(s) you wish to remove from the Scheduled Task Manager manually or by using the search field.
    3. Right-click on the machine and choose Delete. (you can highlight more than one machine)
    4. A popup box will appear where you can choose your next action.
    5. Choose Delete Machine(s) to remove the machine from the list.


        5. Verify the machine has been removed from the Scheduled Tasks Manager.


      The machine will populate the View > Machine any time you scan it, install an agent or install the Shavlik scheduler.  You should remove the from any Machine Groups to ensure it is not scanned and do not install an agent on it if you do not wish to manage it anymore.

    This will have no effect on your deployment seat count.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x
    vCenter Prtoect 8.x