How To: Configure an Agent Policy to Run a Patch Task on Boot if the Schedule Is Missed

Version 5



    How to configure an Agent Policy to run a patch task on boot if the schedule is missed



    To create an Agent Policy go in
    New > Agent Policy Create or Modify existing agent policy



    To modify an existing Agent Policy click on the button just under Home and Agent Policies



    Configure Patch Task Schedule to "Run on boot if scheduler missed"

    You configure agent patch tasks on the Patch tab. You can edit an existing patch task, or you can create a new task by clicking Add a Patch Task.

    Select the check box labeled "Run on boot if scheduler missed"


    If a scheduled task is missed while a target machine is powered off, this option enables you to force the task to automatically run whenever the machine is restarted. The task will run immediately unless you enable the Delay after boot (minutes) check box, in which case the execution will be delayed by the specified number of minutes.

    Assign the policy to agent machines using Install/Reinstall with Policy or Assign Policy in  Machine View or Scan View

    See "How to update a policy on the Protect Agent" How To: Update a Policy on the Protect Agent


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    VMWare VCenter Protect 8.x