Scan  Error: 802 - Unable To Open Virtual Disk (4000)

Version 3



    When attempting to scan a Hosted Virtual Machine or virtual machine Template, You get the error "802: Unable to open Virtual Disk (4000).




    The status code (4000) translates to 4000 – VIX_E_VM_NOT_FOUND and as a result Protect is unable to reach the Hosted Virtual Machine or Virtual Machine Template.




    The most common cause for the status code (4000) is due to a special character within the datastore path. These special characters may be one of the following:


    %, &, *, $, #, @, !, \, /, :, *, ?, ", <, >, |, ;, '


    Please remove any of these characters from the datastore path.


    Additional Information


    For additional information concerning the scan Error 802: "Unable to open Virtual Disk" please visit the link below:


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x