Error - Not Enough Storage Is Available to Process This Command

Version 5



    • When downloading a patch in Protect, the console crashes.

    Note: Other actions may also cause this. Downloading patches is the most common cause.

    1-UE occured.png


    [Window Title]
    Shavlik Protect Advanced


    [Main Instruction]
    Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred and Shavlik Protect Advanced must close to recover.


    Depending on the configuration of your operating system, a second dialog may be displayed that gives you the option to report this error and check online for a solution. We really want to fix this problem (to help you and other customers) and hope you will select the “Check online” or "Send Error Report" option. Thanks!

    • An error is present in the ST.Protect.Managed log:
    2014-04-03T15:53:39.5886250Z 0001 C Launcher.CurrentDomainUnhandledException|System.InvalidOperationException: Crash from main UI thread ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Crash from main UI thread ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Not enough storage is available to process this command




    This is a Windows based error typically caused when the operating system has run out of available working memory (RAM), though Microsoft indicates other potential causes such as:

    • Active Anti Virus
    • IRPStackSize registry entry on the server is set too low.

    Microsoft Article: Error message: "Not enough server storage is available to process this command"


    Crash Occurs Downloading Multiple Patches at Once

    Because the issue can occur from different causes, there is not an explicit fix-all solution. Where this issue stems from system resource limitations (Hardware or Operating System Based), the following 'solutions' are provided as potential workarounds.

    Try downloading a smaller subset of patches, or even downloading them individually. The goal is to not overtax the OS's available memory.

    Crash Occurs Downloading A Single Patch

    If a single patch is being downloaded, and crashes (typically at around 99%) this can be caused by the patch occupying memory in the download, and then occupying additional memory from being copied from the Temp directory into the working Patch Repository. To correct this, download the patch manually from the vendor.
    If you are able to download the patch manually from the vendor, copy it manually into the Patch Repository, and provide it with the Shavlik Name.


    Related Document: Protect doesn't recognize a patch that was manually downloaded


    Crash Occurs During Other

    Because the crash stems from Hardware or Operating System based limitations, there are a variety of things that can attribute to the crash. Microsoft has many threads online regarding the error, with fixes ranging form increasing the IRPStackSize Registry entry, to adding more RAM to the machine.


    Note:This issue seems to occur on x86 Operating Systems specifically (though unverified). Beginning with Protect 9.1, x86 systems will no longer be supported. To prepare for new versions of Protect, consider upgrading your Protect Console to a newer x64 based Operating System.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x