Why Do Patches Not Have A 'Download' Indicator Next To Them?

Version 6



    This documents explains why some patches do not have a 'Download' indicator next to it.




    You find a patch in Patch View or a scan result, and there is now Download button in the patch information.




    Cause & Resolution


    Not all patches are available to be deployed with protect but the scan information is still available to detect if the patch is missing. We refer to these as ‘scan only’ items. In some cases the patch requires user intervention and the patch cannot be deployed silently, a good example of this would be Exchange service packs therefore we are not able to deploy the patch with Protect. Other times the vendor has changed the URL or the patch is no longer publically available. In those cases we leave the scan detection there but are unable to download the patch.


    Additionally, the lack of download icon could be caused by out of date data files.  You should run a Help -> Refresh Files to ensure you have the latest files.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x