Preparing for Upgrade of Protect and Resolving Common Upgrade Issues

Version 8



    The purpose of this document is to help to prepare a current Protect console and database for upgrade to a newer version of Protect, and also to provide some information about how to resolve common upgrade issues.




    Preparing for Upgrade of Protect


    Most issues with upgrading Protect can be avoided by ensuring that you are meeting system requirements and that proper database maintenance has been performed prior to upgrade. The list below can be used as a guide to ensure you have a successful upgrade:

    • Review the System Requirements for the version of Protect you plan to install.
      Refer to the document - Shavlik Protect Requirements Guide
    • Review the Shavlik Protect Upgrade Guide.
    • Prior to upgrade, it is recommended that you clean out as much old results as possible and perform database maintenance.
      This document covers the full steps for database maintenance: DOC-23430
    • The user who will perform the upgrade of the database should either be the SA for the database in SQL, or the user should at least have the following privileges for the Protect database:
      Privileges required for upgrade purposes: db_securityadmin, db_ddladmin
      Privileges required for all Protect users: STExec, DB_DataReader, DB_DataWriter
    • If your Protect database is hosted on SQL 2005, review the document; Authentication Limitation with Protect 9.0+ and SQL 2005.
    • If you plan to move/migrate your console to a different system, review the document; Migrate Shavlik Protect Console.
      • There is a Migration Tool that can be used in some scenarios to move the console. Make sure to closely follow the guide for this.


    Resolving Common Upgrade or Post-Upgrade Issues


    If you do have an issue during the upgrade process, it's possible the issue can be resolved based on some common issues listed below:


    Upgrade/Install Failure



    What to do if you face an upgrade failure you cannot resolve


    If you receive an upgrade or installation failure, and you are not able to use the above resources to resolve the issue it's time to open a support case.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x

    vCenter Protect 8.x