How to Remove Old Machine Information from Protect Database

Version 5



    You see old or unwanted systems listed in reports or the Machine View. 



    Here is what to do to ensure old machine data is removed from the Protect database:


    1) Check your machine groups and remove any old systems that are no longer in use or that you do not want scanned, etc.


    2) Go to Manage > Items or Tools > Operations > Database Maintenance and clear out as many old results as possible.


    3) Go to View > Machines, and delete any machines no longer in use or that you do not want scanned.


    *Note: If you are attempting to remove systems so they no longer use a license set - after 45 days with no agentless deployment or agent check in the license seat will automatically be freed up for use with other systems. The license seat(s) will not be automatically freed up just from deleting system information from Protect.


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    Maximum number of machines allowed by license exceeded. How to remove old machine names from database.


    Managing License seat usage with Shavlik Protect


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x