Patch Scan Fails With - Scan Error Code 13

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    When performing a scan you receive the scan error code 13: "The scan started and all connections and registry access appeared to work, but an unexpected network event terminated the scan."

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    Error 13 typically means there is a network connection issue to the target machines. It may require some research to find the underlying root issue.




    A good test to run would be to start a continuous ping to that machine from the console machine. While this is running, kick off a scan. If you get an error 13 in the scan, then likely you will see a dropped connection to that machine in the ping. This could be caused by network connectivity issues, faulty NIC, Wireless connections, etc.


    You could also run wireshark or another network monitoring tool during scans if you want to look for more in depth information.


    Some things to look into:


    • Is this a wireless connection? If so, can you try using the NIC to connect and see if you still get the same error?
    • Is there anything unique about how this machine connects vs the working machines?
    • Are any of these dual NIC machines?
    • Do any of the systems scan successfully if you scan it individually?


    Additional Information


    Here are links to a couple network monitoring tools that may be helpful in assisting you. Be aware Shavlik does not provide support for these tools. There are many more available as well.


    Microsoft Network Monitor


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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x