How To: Schedule Automatic Synchronization to a Distribution Server

Version 7


    How to schedule the automatic synchronization of Patch Definitions, Patch install files, and Threat engines and definitions to a Distribution Server


    Steps for Completion

    Highlight the target Distribution Server in the Distribution Server pane.  In the drop down box above the pane select what kind of files that need to be synced  and click  "Add scheduled sync:" A dialog box with scheduling information should appear.  After selecting Save, the scheduled sync should appear in the scheduler automatic synchronization pane with the type of files being synchronized.   If you select "All engines, definitions, and patch downloads", there will be a separate entry created in the middle "Scheduled automatic synchronization" pane for each relevant component.


    If you want to force a synchronization  select one or more scheduled synchronization entries in the Scheduled automatic synchronization pane and click Run now

           Note: To synchronize all data, all three synchronization tasks must be selcted. This will immediately copy all appropriate files from the console to the specified distribution server(s).

    The scheduled Synchronization process runs in the background of Protect. You may check the status by viewing the event history at View > Event History.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.X