Information About New Functionality Deploying Java and Apple Patches with Shavlik Patch Plugin

Version 6



    This document is meant to provide information about how the new Shavlik Patch plugin for Microsoft System Center provides additional "Dependent Actions" to help handle deployment of Java and Apple patches.



    When using the new Shavlik Patch plugin for Microsoft System Center to publish and subsequently deploy Java or Apple updates you may notice some improvements in the handling of these updates. These updates now use what we refer to as 'dependent actions' during the deployment process to improve the update process.


    Apple Updates (iTunes & Quicktime)


    The main improvement with these updates is the functionality to automatically extract and use the AppleApplicationSupport.msi as needed during the installation process. This makes it so that you no longer need to use the workaround of manually extracting and providing the AppleApplicationSupport files that is mentioned in DOC-2194.


    Java Updates


    These are additional actions that can take place during the deployment/installation of Java updates when using the Shavlik Patch plugin:

    • Performs actions to assist in deploying 32bit Java on 64bit systems due to known issues mentioned in DOC-2193.
    • Attempts to stop the Java Quick Starter service.
    • If Java returns a failure code due to failure installing or uninstalling Java, or due to Java being in use a scheduled task is set up to run on the next boot of the system to perform the installation of the selected Java update. This function will not work if the Microsoft Task Scheduler is disabled on the system.


    Additional Information

    If you are not using the Shavlik Patch plugin and are still publishing via SCUP this document does not apply to you. You should refer to the following documents for known issues publishing/deploying Apple and Java patches:

    Publishing Apple Application Support (AAS) with SCUPdates

    Deploying 32-bit Java updates to 64-bit operating systems fails when using SCUPdates


    If you have any issues publishing or deploying these updates when using the Shavlik Patch plugin, please refer to this guide on obtaining logs:

    Obtaining and viewing logs for issues related to Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (when using plugin only)