Scheduling Publish and/or Synchronization In Shavlik Patch Requires Logon As Batch Privilege

Version 3



    This document provides information about meeting requirements for scheduling with the Shavlik Patch plugin.




    The scheduling function of the Shavlik Patch plugin creates a scheduled job within the Microsoft Task scheduler. The account you're using will need to have the privelege of 'Log on as a batch job' within the security policy. Below is how to check this within Local Security Policy.


    Open Local Security Policy from Administrative Tools.



    Expand Local Policies, then click on User Rights Assignment. Locate 'Log on as a batch job' in the list. Right click, and click Properties.



    By default Administrators should already have this privilege, however, if you need to add a specific account or group click on 'Add User or Group', and you will be prompted with the 'Select users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups' screen. Add the account/group, and hit OK.



    Additional Information


    The guide for Shavlik Patch simply states the following as a requirement concerning the use of scheduling functions:

    -The Microsoft Task Scheduler service must be enabled and the user must have the rights necessary to create scheduled tasks.


    The full user guide can be found here.


    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (Plugin)