How To Remove The Propatches Folder Using Custom Actions in Protect 9.1

Version 13



    This document outlines how to use a Custom Action to remove the ProPatches folder.  A Custom Action may include executing a specific command or invoking a custom batch file at specified time(s) during the deployment process. You can specify custom files and actions that occur during every deployment that uses the template, or only for those deployments that install a specific patch or service pack.


    Configuration Setup


    A Custom Action will only run if a deployment occurs. If there are no missing patches selected to deploy to a target machine, the Custom Action will NOT occur.


    1. Create a New Scan Template; enter a Name for the Template, and Save it.
      1. Alternatively - open an existing Scan Template you wish to modify.
      2. Select Custom Actions under the Patch Properties tab.
      3. Save and close.




























    2.  Create a new Deployment Template.

         -     Give it a Name

         -     Uncheck Send Tacker Status































    3.     Go to the Post-Deploy Reboot tab and choose "Never Reboot After Deployment".































    4.     Go to the Custom Action tab and click New.

            -    Step 1 - Leave default

            -    Step 3 - Change to 'After all Patches"

            -    Step 4 - Enter the following: rmdir /s /q %pathtofixes%   
            -    Click Ok




































    5.     Save and close the Deployment Template.

    6.     Use the new Scan Template to scan all your machines

    7.     Use the new Deployment Template to deploy the QSK2745 MSST-001 patch. This patch is used for Custom Actions.


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    Protect Version: 9.1 and previous versions.