Active Protection Alerts Are Not Sent Out

Version 6



    This document provide a resolution when Active Protection alerts are not being emailed.




    Alerts are configured to send emails to a number of recipients when a virus/infection is found on a machine. A virus/infection is found by the Antivirus but no alerts are sent out.



    The alerting function is configurable from Tools > Operations > Alerts.

























    In order to trigger an alert, the threat count must meet or exceed one of the two alert thresholds, and it must do so within the specified period of time. This means that when the threats are received is just as important as the number of threats that are received.


    The Infection time window (hours) must be less than 24 hours, we would recommend to let 4 hours as configured by default.


    Affected Product(s)


    • Shavlik Protect 9.x