Invalid User Name or Password Displayed in Shavlik Patch Plugin settings

Version 3



    When attempting to verify your access to the Protect Cloud service you recieve the message "Invalid User Name or Password", although, you are able to successfully log on to and manually download the catalog files when using the same user/password.





    You are not able to successfully authenticate to the Protect Cloud services at



    Currently this is the list of things known to check to ensure you are able to successfully connect with the Protect Cloud service:


    • Ensure that the time and time zone on the server is correct. HTTPS communication will fail if the time is incorrect.
      • To do this, right click on the date/time in the lower right, choose 'Adjust date/time'. Click 'Change date and time'. You will need to have administrative rights to do this. You may also need to ensure the date/time is set up correctly on your domain controller(s).
    • Disable pop up blockers within internet explorer.
      • In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Pop-up Blocker. You can either turn the pop up blocker on for all sites or go into the Settings, and provide the address of allowed sites. In this case make sure to allow


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center (Plugin)