How to Register Protect Cloud Account for Use with Multiple Users

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    After registering with the Protect Cloud, other users are unable to use their individual logins to view Registered Consoles, Agent Keys, and SCUPdates files.


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    Accounts in the Protect Cloud are associated to specific emails, and do not share between multiple email addresses.




    Because Protect Cloud accounts are associated to specific emails, for multiple users to access the same Protect Cloud account information, the account needs to utilize a shared email address.


    What if I already registered a personal account, and don't want to share the personal account?

    You can re-register your Protect Console to a shared email account.

    Note:If the Protect Console has not been previously registered to a cloud account, follow these same steps to associate a console to a shared account.


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      • Fill out the Account Registration fields, using the new shared email address, then click Create Account.


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    • Once the new shared account is created, log in using its credentials. Because it is a new account, and has no Consoles associated with it yet, it will show No data available in table.


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    • Next Register the Protect Console with the new account.
      • In Protect go to Tools> Operations.


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      • In the Operations menu, click Protect Cloud Sync, then click New...


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      • Enter the new credentials for the shared account and choose Save.


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      • In the Protect Cloud Sync Options, choose the Cloud Shared Account Credentials.
      • Click Register this console (it should refresh the words 'This console is registered', though it may not visually change)
      • Click Force full update now


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    • Verify the Console Registered and performed a Sync successfully.
      • Click View > Event History.


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    • Check the Protect Cloud Sync events for 2 events:
      • Name: Register
      • Name: Full Policy sync to the Protect Cloud


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    • If both events were successsful, the shared account should update within 24 hours to show the console that was just registered to the shared account.

    Note: It is recommended to log out then log into the shared acount to view if the console has appeared in the new account.



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    Affected Product(s)


    Shavlik Protect 9.x