What is Meant by the "Informational" Items in Shavlik Protect?

Version 5



    This document explains what is meant by "informational" items under patch status in Shavlik Protect.



    Some users may be unsure what "Informational" items are in Protect. These items can sometimes be found under the "Current Patch Status" column in the patches tab when viewing scan results or individual machine listings in the machines view. This article explains what "informational" means and why it can be found in the scan results.


    What Are "Informational" Items?

    After running a scan in Shavlik Protect, under the default view- under original patch status, in addition to patch installed, and patch missing- there can often be found informational items.




    Informational status identifies products on the target machine that have been fully patched or for which there exists no applicable patches. This informational status is meant to be an indicator that all available patches have been applied for the designated products.




    In this example above, all of the products on the right (Internet Explorer 11, Direct X 9.0c, etc.) have been fully patched on the target machine, and do not currently require patching.


    Informational items cannot have actions performed on them as they do not reference a particluar patch- but rather a fully patched product.


    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x