How To: Cancel / Delete Scheduled Tasks

Version 6


    This document outlines how to cancel a scheduled task.




    In Protect choose Manage > Scheduled Tasks.


    1-scheduled tasks.png


    For Deployments

    Select the target machine in the tree on the left. Deployments are scheduled on the target machine.


    For Scans

    Select the Console machine in the tree on the left. All agent-less scans are stored in the Console's scheduler. This means that even if you are scanning a different target machine, you still select the Console machine from the tree.


    2-select console.png


    When the intended machine has been selected, the Scheduled Jobs should automatically populate in the list on the right.


    3-scheduled job.png


    Right click the desired job, and choose Delete.




    When prompted to confirm, choose Delete.


    5-delete prompt.png


    After the job is deleted the Scheduler for the selected machine should refresh, and the scheduled task should no longer be displayed.


    6-no jobs.png


    NOTE: You can delete all machines from a domain or workgroup at once, but this will delete all scheduled jobs within it. To do so, select the domain/workgroup from the tree in the left window pane and then right-click and select 'Delete selected job(s)' and this will delete every job within the selected domain/workgroup.


    Affected Product(s)  

    Shavlik Protect 9.x