Error Scanning / Deploying - GetMachineData Failed

Version 3


    When performing a scan or deployment an error occurs: GetMachineData failed.


    Example of Error in ST.Protect.Native log located in the C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs folder :


    2013-12-19T16:15:14.3055087Z 0330 E Deploy.cpp:1958 DeployMachine exception - class STCore::CInvalidOperationException at Deploy.cpp:1408: GetMachineData failed.



    This is caused by environmental factors, and is most commonly seen when scanning/deploying across a WAN.



    Because this issue is caused by environmental factors, the cause/solution will not always be the same. Here is a list of solutions that have been seen to help/fix the issue.


    Note: These are suggestions based on previous customer feedback, and may or might not work for you. All suggestions are made without warranty; users assume all liability when modifying any network settings and/or devices.


    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service Is Off
      • Verify that the target has the Remote Procedure CAll (RPC) service started.

    • Using a WAN Optimizer / Riverbed Device

      • In situations where a WAN Optimizer / Riverbed device are in use, these components have been seen to cause this issue.
    • Things to Try
      • Disable the device and try scanning/deploying.
      • Set the device to pass-through / by-pass mode.
      • Disable Latency Optimization in the device.
      • Ensure the device's firmware is up-to-date and restarted.
      • Reboot the device.


    • Target is Part of Domain
      • If the target is part of a domain, removing the machine from the Domain and re-adding it to the domain has been seen in some instances to correct the issue.

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    Affected Product(s)

    Shavlik Protect 9.x